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Solutions for financial and accounting Consulting L.L.C established in 2009 under the decision of the Minister of the Economy / 593 / 2009. Carrying a commercial registration no. / 8911 / in Syria - Damascus - Ashrafieh Sahnaya . offers accounting services and accounting studies with all kinds of economic feasibility studies and automate the accounting work and building control systems and preparation of courses and assessment of documentary projects of industrial, commercial and service implemented and is in effect no matter what kind of activity and field of work and quality systems .
All this according to academic and specialized expertise that is lead to progress the work in smooth, easy and simple way, without complexity.
As the company was in the form of individual enterprises ; (Audit Bureau) was founded in 2006 under the name of solutions office for Financial& Tax consulting and Accounting services as Syrian institution in the same area registered in Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Economy and in Association of Syrian . Certified Accountants are members of the Arab Union of Auditors in Egypt Arab Republic . The company uses newly automated system along with network of personal computers which depends on computer systems , to complete its tasks.

Solutions Co. For Financial And Accounting Consultant  L.L.C
Solutions Co. For Financial And Accounting Consultant L.L.C