Company Specialization

1- Financial Accounting:

It's necessary for the planning and management of any project for those whose responsibility is it to have adequate management information and accounting data in the right time. The company has distinct expertise in the design and development of financial accounting systems, which include:
- Procurement, sales and general ledger.
- Cash flows.
- Records of fixed assets.
- Profit and loss accounts and lists of financial position (budget).
Based on rapid technological progress in business field, automated systems for financial accounting has become available to most installations, so we keep in mind the possibilities of automating these systems when our experts study it and design it.

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2- Feasibility:

Solutions Company has been preparing economic feasibility studies of proposed projects or companies to be established since it was founded in 2009, those studies have been aimed to give investors a technical and objective opinion regarding the feasibility of these projects and the expected financial results. In the preparation of feasibility studies, our experts apply the following aspects:
- Market Research.
- Assessment of the proposed strategies.
- Estimate the expected returns.
- Analysis of the resources required (Human resources, site, services, machinery and equipment....etc).
- Determine the appropriate capital and operating costs.
- Analysis the required time to start the project.
- cash flow, income statement and the return of  the investments.
- Estimate on Financial needs.
- Analysis of trends expected for the basic variables.

3 - Test and recruitment of personnel:

The success of any project depends on the existence of qualified personnel who are responsible for management and optimum utilization of available resources. In light of the scarcity of the efficient of management elements and the difficult access installations on the most appropriate elements necessary to assume the responsibilities of the Department, our office plays a leading role in this area by helping those facilities in employing and selecting the best candidates that are eligible to take the responsibilities of managing them.
Our way in searching for efficiencies and selection of personnel coming by four stages:
A.        study requirements:
       -A clear vision for the organization and working methods, facilities and career goals.
       -Analysis of function and position in the organization and characteristics required of those who occupied.
       -Formulation of the general framework of the components of the job's requirements and in agreement with the client and the specifications required in the incumbent as well as the appropriate salary and the associated rewards and incentives
       -A presentation to the client includes a method of research and the right choices and the required time to accomplish the task and cost.

B.        Candidates Determination:
        The selection process aims to prepare a list of suitable candidates through:
       - Examination of existing cases in the database of human resources available to us.
       - Prepare a declaration for a job and dissemination of appropriate newspapers.

C.        Candidates Evaluation:
       All candidates applications for employment are examined accurately and then interviews are held for those who meet the conditions of the job
       This is done by an interviewing specialists qualified to evaluate the expertise and capabilities of applicants in depth and compared to the needs of the job.
D.        Assistance in arranging employment:
       Our specialists will help the client in the staffing arrangements, which include the identification of the salary and benefits and determine the timing of the start of work ... Etc..
       And is available in our unique experience in the selection of the functions of senior and middle management with diversified functions that we provide the appropriate competencies of the functions of managers to positions of experts in the areas of Production, Engineering, Finance, Marketing, IT , Personnel and Administrative activities.

4- Issues of inheritance distribution:

The company is the implementation issues of inheritance based on the mandate from the heirs or a court ruling assigned by the competent court, and in cooperation with the Syrian most successful law firms and international consulting and scientists of the most Islam efficient.

5- Check Services:

Services provide material verification solutions, high quality and innovative to the problems that customers may face in their organizations, and help them resolve the matter successfully .
these services also provide the confidence to management, investors and lenders and any source of information which is supported by the third to take administrative decisions or investment.

6-Companies liquidation:

The company makes many of the liquidation of enterprises, for one of the following reasons:
- At the request of partners facilities.
- Based on a judicial ruling.
- At the end of the age specified for facilities contracts.

7 - Computer Systems:

The effective use of computers became an important need to provide the management data . Systems that enable them to make decisions and control the conduct of business in light of increased competition in the markets , A computing department which the company has a team of experienced and highly qualified staff to provide advice to their clients on various aspects of the uses of IT, which include:
- Planning.
- Development.
- Operating.

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