Solutions Office For Financial And Tax Consulting And Accounting Services:

Where the office provides services in the review field through the examination and audit of financial statements Facilities of different activities for the purpose of expressing an opinion of Financial statements and whether they fairly present the financial position of those facilities, as a result depends on its cash flow for the financial period to be examined, in addition to the following work:
       - External audit of companies.
       - Taxes and insurance experts.
       - Feasibility studies for new and existing projects.
       - The tax services and social insurance for companies.
       - Companies liquidation.
       - Preparation of documentary role of companies as well as prepare the organizational structure of companies.
       - Development technical capacity for fresh graduates working in companies.
       - Evaluating the performance of companies working clients.
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       - Evaluating the performance of senior management of companies and specify the path to make right decision.
       - Study of specific cases, such as inventory, customers, suppliers ...
       - Establishment of companies, mergers and liquidation.
       - Interview the appropriate staff and nominate them to work for clients.
       - To resolve differences and disputes through arbitration.
       - Review of agreements and contracts and provide advice on, by the legal advisor to our office.
       - Department of inheritance and the distribution of inheritance

1 - Review and Audit:

A.        Audit and Accountability

Audit and is the cornerstone of our audit. Our team composed of talented expert's deep knowledge and comprehensive accounting systems, laws and commercial local and global. Our services include:
       - Audit, review and preparation of financial reports.
       - Reviewing financial and information infrastructure.
       - Expectations, and prepare budgets.
       - Accounting services.
       - Auditing of small-scale credit institutions, insurance..... etc

To achieve this objective, the Office does the following:
       - Characterization and testing internal control systems and control facilities to extract data and financial statements.
       - Assessment of internal control systems installations.
       - Preparation of plans for effective review.
       - Identification of areas of important audit.
       - Prepare audit programs appropriate to the nature of the activities.
       - Documentation of the review process as professional and in accordance with auditing standards.

B.        Consulting statutory reports:

       - Enables customers to comply with current and future systems.
       - Enabling customers to avoid penalties, and expenses of the judicial proceedings ..etc.
       - Supports the requirements for the conservation organization.

C.        Financially Training:

       The training services enable financial institutions to achieve its objectives in an economical and feasible ways. We offer training for the client to apply the best practices according to client's business. Separates the training according to the specific needs of the institution with a focus on the following areas:
       - Accountability.
       - Auditing.
       - Information technology.
       - Taxes and zakat.
Compliance with tax laws essential for any type of business, and unparalleled expertise has given us a deep knowledge in such matters

2 - The preparation of financial and administrative systems :

       Study of the internal control systems and the preparation of financial systems and administrative activities in the areas of commercial, industrial, agricultural and service, as well as assistance in the preparation of budgets and performance monitoring and study the differences in the operation and to propose solutions to overcome the negatives and positives activation.

3 - Cash Flows :

        Assistance and supervision of the preparation of lists of cash flows, in particular regarding projects or when considering tenders.

4 - IT :

       Assistance in the study needs to enter the client computer and then choose the appropriate program and supervise the application.

5 - charity and Income Tax :
        charity Services and the tax on behalf of clients up to the stage of the final assessment and get the final certificate, where the Office is working to enable enterprises to take full advantage of all our professional services in the area of taxation and zakat is particular in the preparation of tax returns or to determine the implications of taxes that may result from any new operations facilities , and we are working to create coordination and coherence between the work we perform for the facilities in the area of audit and that we perform in the field of taxation and zakat, which will, without doubt the effectiveness of the tax services and Zakat.
Our field of expertise includes:
       - Instruct our customers to comply with tax laws, local and international.
       - Instruct our customers to comply with Zakat, Reporting of tax and zakat.
       - Tax treatment and petitions for Zakat.

6 - Establishment of companies and institutions :

our team of in-house experts are able to advise the most appropriate corporate structures and institutions in various disciplines where operations take place.
Moreover, we can help our colleagues in the network, to create regional structures interlocke .
Increase the benefits of tax treaties to a maximum.
The success of the relations between employers and financial advisors are based on the confidence gained over the years.
This principle guides our team through hiring their customers. Our clients can ensure that the financial advice they receive is based on years of professional experience.
During the years of associating with our customers, we have gained a wide range of skills and services designed to improve business performance and profit.
Time is money, with our support for your enterprise , we can handle a lot of business accounting and financial routine. We assure to do the best expertise .
Many entrepeneurs realize that they do not have enough to analyze their performance and todays plans to improve tomorrow. With our advisory services we use our skills to monitor your work and to provide the initiative on how to improve the bottom line. We will work with you to implement any proposal you take

In short, we offer you:

       - More time to manage the business.
       - Peace of mind, while we watch the basics.
       - Help and support when things go wrong.

Whatever your work may be , what ever you need we assure you that you will have the best.

Solutions Co. For Financial And Accounting Consultant  L.L.C
Solutions Co. For Financial And Accounting Consultant L.L.C